Vehicles Registration

In UAE it is mandatory for the vehicles to be registered with the Traffic Department. The process of registering your vehicle means to eat up your time but we will help

Renewal of Registration

As per UAE regulation it is a must to renew your car registration annually. Once the vehicle registration reaches the expiry date, we perform all the formalities including Inspection

Ownership Transfer

There are certain points to be taken care in case of sale or purchase of pre owned vehicles. Just give us a call and we perform all these on your behalf.

Comprehensive Car Test

Feel like wanting to buy a pre-loved car? Will it be safe? Does it have many damages? Ease your worry, with years of expertise in vehicle related services we ensure to provid


Vehicle insurance can cover for the loss, damages and third party liability when you experienced an accident. It is one of the main requirements before you can renew the vehicle

Inspection from RTA

For every vehicle in UAE, it is mandatory to pass an inspection from RTA to prove that it is roadworthy to renew / register / transfer ownership of your vehicle

Vehicle Import/ Export/Transfer

Moving in or Moving out of Dubai, and you want to bring your beloved car to your destination? We are well aware of the system

Insurance Claim Management

In case of any accident or damage to your vehicle, insurer is liable to give restitution or compensation to the insured. We provide services to open

Advertisement Permission

Vehicle advertisement is one of the best ways to reach out to people. However it requires approval from RTA to do so. We will help you to do all the procedures by arranging