Motorcycle Registration Renewal

Like a car, a motorcycle also has to be registered with the Roads and Transport Authority to drive on the road. The motorcycle must be inspected and registration must be renewed annually with the government authority.

Car Registration UAE can help you register your motorbike from the ease of your office or home.

We simplify the process of your motorcycle registration. We cover all the steps of registering your motorcycle for you by picking it up from your home or office to the registration center and driving back to your preferred location. Our staff does all the motorcycle testing services in Dubai, pays traffic fines, and provides motorcycle insurance in Dubai. Our staff will make this a hassle-free procedure during your busy schedule.

The motorcycle registration fee details in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Valid Emirates ID
  2. Valid technical inspection
  3. Motorcycle Insurance

Steps to Register or Renew a Motorcycle in Dubai:

  1. The first step pay off any outstanding traffic fines in Dubai, our staff will help do that in minutes.
  2. We need to get a car test passed report before going for car registration in Dubai. Our expert will pick up your vehicle and do the car testing and passing from a recognized and approved RTA car testing center.
  3. Once the car is passed and the customer receives the e-certificate, the insurance policy should be issued for the motorcycle. We will handle that for you by giving quotations from multiple insurance companies.
  4. Now the motorcycle registration or renewal process can be done by our expert staff from any of the customer happiness centers for you.
  5. You will receive the digital vehicle registration card by email or you can have the printed vehicle registration card delivered to you with the car, by our expert.

Motorcycle registration charges in Dubai

The motorcycle registration fee details in Dubai are as follows:

  • RTA Registration Fee: AED 200
  • RTA Car Testing: AED 150

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