Car Renewal

How to renew your car renewal in Dubai and what are the charges for renewal? By hiring Car renewal Dubai, our executive will do the full registration process on the customer’s behalf.

The 1st step pay off any outstanding traffic fines in Dubai, our staff will help do that in minutes. We need to get a car test passed report before going for car renewal in Dubai.

  • Our expert will pick up your vehicle and do the car testing and passing from a recognized and approved RTA car testing center.
  • After testing, the car insurance policy should be issued for the car. We will handle that for you by giving quotations from multiple insurance companies.
  • Once the car is passed and the customer receives the e-certificate, the car-renewal process can be done by our expert staff from any of the customer happiness centers for you.
  • You will receive the digital vehicle registration card by email or you can have the printed vehicle registration card delivered to you with the car, by our expert. You may get a vehicle testing service in Dubai & renew vehicle registration.


The vehicle registration renewal fees in Dubai are as follows:

  • Renewal: AED 380
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection: AED 170
  • Late Renewal Fine: AED 30 (per month)

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How much does vehicle registration renewal cost in Dubai?

Renewal Costs for Vehicles:

Private and public light vehicle renewal fee: AED 350.
Light vehicle technical testing fee: AED 150.
Heavy vehicle technical testing fee: AED 200.
If vehicle ownership has expired for over a year, the re-registration fee for private and public light vehicles: AED 400.

Can I renew my car registration without an Emirates ID?

No, you can’t renew without valid Emirates ID.

Documents Needed for Vehicle Registration Renewal in Dubai:

To renew your vehicle registration in Dubai, you’ll need the following essential documents:

Valid Emirates ID card.
Existing car registration card (Mulkiya).
Valid proof of insurance.
RTA road safety certificate.
Additional documents may be required, so ensure you check for any specific requirements.

How long can you drive with an expired registration in Dubai?

In the UAE, your vehicle registration is initially valid for 12 months. However, you are granted a one-month grace period to renew it.

Can I renew my vehicle registration online in Dubai?

If you choose to renew your car registration online, please be aware of the following fees:

Renewal fee: Approximately AED 380.
Courier fee: AED 25 for the delivery of the registration card to your specified address.

Online registration can be done, only if the vehicle testing and insurance steps are completed.

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