Car Testing Service

Car Testing Service

Car Testing and Passing are compulsory when you renew your car registration every year in the UAE. Are you looking for a vehicle testing service in dubai, inspection, or passing due in Dubai? Are you worried about RTA Car Passing? We provide the car inspection and passing service at your convenience. No need for waiting, car testing will don as per rules in RTA. Each and every process did carefully for passing car testing in Dubai.

While car testing, your car undergoes detailed inspections of items. Which help the safety of passengers and all other inroads? We can test your car electronically and visually

Using automated equipment we can check – exhaust system, headlight focus (Aim), side slip, suspension system, and braking system.

The following systems and items will be visually examined parts related to the brake system of the vehicle like pedals, levers, tubes, headlight, Rear Lighting system, and external indicators. Important to check the condition of the wheels and tyres. Check the dashboard of your car.

Check steering system of the vehicle like linkage, windscreen, wipers and washers, electrical system handlebars, joints, etc. The condition of the chassis seats, seatbelts, bodywork, fuel system, transmission system, Functionality, and safety of doors, windows, and mirrors

When and why do I need a car testing Dubai?
As per Roads and Transport Authority Dubai, every car must undergo a test to ensure they are road-worthy in the UAE. Your car could need a comprehensive test, export test, car renewal test, new car registration test, and re-tests. The main two tests which every car needs in Dubai are the car-renewal test and new car registration test and Check out for the best car service in Dubai.

RTA is no longer providing paper certificates when the vehicle gets tested in Dubai. According to a new update, the customer receives E-certificate, issued and e-mailed to customers by the RTA. Avoiding the paper amid the pandemic also supports efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

    • Give us a call during working hours, we will check if you have any fines linked to the car that you are planning to test and
    • Testing is required if your car is older than 3 Our staff will do testing and passing on your behalf
    • For a company car, testing is mandatory every
    • Car test e-certificate.
      • If your car passes the test, you will receive the passing e-certificate by
      • If your car fails, you need to repair and test it again before your current car registration expires. We will help you in repair and re-test.
    • After testing finishes, we will assist you to buy a car insurance in best rate

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