Motorcycle Registration Renewal in Dubai Made Easy with Car Registration UAE

Like cars, motorcycles in Dubai also require registration with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to legally hit the roads. This involves an annual renewal process, and ensuring compliance can be a hassle. Car Registration UAE steps in to streamline and simplify the motorcycle registration and renewal process, offering a convenient solution for busy individuals.

Why Motorcycle Registration Renewal Matters

Motorcycles, just like cars, need to be registered and renewed annually to ensure they meet regulatory standards. The registration renewal process involves inspections, paperwork, and adherence to specific guidelines set by the government. This is where Car Registration UAE becomes your ally, making the process seamless and stress-free.

How Car Registration UAE Facilitates Motorcycle Registration Renewal

Car Registration UAE is committed to simplifying the motorcycle registration and renewal process for its clients. Here’s how they make it easy for you:

Pick-Up Service: Car Registration UAE offers a convenient pick-up service from your home or office, sparing you the need to visit the registration center personally.

Comprehensive Testing Services: Their expert staff handles all motorcycle testing services in Dubai, ensuring your vehicle meets the necessary safety and compliance standards.

Traffic Fines Settlement: Before proceeding with registration or renewal, any outstanding traffic fines are settled promptly by their efficient staff.

Insurance Assistance: Car Registration UAE takes care of the insurance aspect by providing quotes from multiple insurance companies, making the selection process hassle-free for you.

Registration or Renewal Process: Once all prerequisites are met, their expert staff handles the registration or renewal process at any customer happiness center, saving you time and effort.

Digital Registration Card Delivery: Upon completion, you receive the digital vehicle registration card via email. Alternatively, you can opt for a printed card delivered to your preferred location by their expert.

Steps to Register or Renew a Motorcycle in Dubai with Car Registration UAE

Settle Traffic Fines: Clear any outstanding traffic fines in Dubai, a step efficiently managed by Car Registration UAE.

Vehicle Testing: Car Registration UAE ensures your motorcycle undergoes testing and receives a passing report from a recognized RTA car testing center.

Insurance Procurement: After passing the test, the insurance policy for your motorcycle is issued. Car Registration UAE assists by providing quotes from various insurance companies.

Registration or Renewal Process: Car Registration UAE’s expert staff handles the actual registration or renewal process at a customer happiness center on your behalf.

Digital or Printed Registration Card: Receive your digital vehicle registration card via email, or opt for a printed card delivered by Car Registration UAE’s expert.

Motorcycle Registration Charges in Dubai

Understanding the costs involved is crucial. Here are the motorcycle registration fee details in Dubai:

RTA Registration Fee: AED 200

RTA Car Testing: AED 150


Car Registration UAE emerges as a reliable partner for motorcycle owners in Dubai, simplifying the annual registration renewal process. With a commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction, they ensure that your motorcycle remains roadworthy and compliant with Dubai’s regulations without adding unnecessary stress to your busy schedule.

If you are busy, just give a call to Car Registration UAE @ 0507979225 or email Our staff will pick up the vehicle from your location like the office or home. No need to bring your vehicle to the testing center or RTA customer center, our experts will do it.

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